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Mountain Khakis Men's Original 5% OFF Pant Relaxed Classic Fit

Mountain Khakis Men's Original Mountain Pant Relaxed Fit


Mountain Khakis Men's Original Mountain Pant Relaxed Fit

Product description

Want to know which pant started the MK story look no further. Base camp to boardroom, our OMP performs best when worn daily. Flat front and rear patch pockets. Diamond-shaped action gusset. Triple-stitched seams. "Mudflap" reinforced heel cuffs. 5 hand pockets including signature hidden side seam pocket. An original #man pant. Imported. 100% cotton. Relaxed fit. Also available in slim fit (#231) amp; short (#861).

From the manufacturer

Mountain Khakis Men's Original Mountain Pant Relaxed Fit

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