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BohoHill Extra Long Unique 35% OFF Patchwork Fisherman Pants Multic Super beauty product restock quality top! Thai

BohoHill Extra Long Unique Patchwork Thai Fisherman Pants Multic


BohoHill Extra Long Unique Patchwork Thai Fisherman Pants Multic

Product description

These are one-of-a-kind fisherman pants. They are individually handmade, hence each one is totally unique and original. Made from 100% cotton, of carefully selected exotic pattern fabric, they certain an attractive piece of art with practical use that you can wear everyday. It is commonly known that Thai fisherman pants are perfect for those that seek comfortable loose fitting clothes. They can be worn anytime day or night, whenever you are looking for that comfortable feeling. Their light and 'airy' feel makes them ideal for hot climates and comfortable for almost any activity not requiring better protection, while still looking very respectable in all occasion. Our artisans design and carefully made these patchwork fisherman pants from uniquely beautiful fabric from the north of Thailand. This particular pants are made to be EXTRA-LONG in length, ideal for a person with the height between 6'1" - 6'6" (185 - 198 cm.)

BohoHill Extra Long Unique Patchwork Thai Fisherman Pants Multic

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