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Challenge the lowest price of Japan Montblanc MST Petit Prince Aviator 50 ml Bottle New product! New type Ink

Montblanc MST Petit Prince Aviator Ink Bottle 50 ml


Montblanc MST Petit Prince Aviator Ink Bottle 50 ml

Product description

The history of Montblanc began with the creation of our masterpiece fountain pen. Perfectly handmade with the finest European craftsmanship, the iconic writing instrument has secured cult status. The design is inspired by writing instruments offering spider web printed on the entire cover. Spiders are hidden below the net, ready to reveal by the observer. The color is inspired by silver spider web and forest color palettes. The ink and the lead are supplemented by the fine stationery range.

Montblanc MST Petit Prince Aviator Ink Bottle 50 ml


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