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specialty Be super welcome shop Womens Fall Cutout Ankle Boots Block Chunky On Slip Stacked Heel

Womens Fall Cutout Ankle Boots Block Chunky Stacked Heel Slip On


Womens Fall Cutout Ankle Boots Block Chunky Stacked Heel Slip On

Product Description

Fashare Shoes Story

  • Fashion comes from sharing. Here we pick seasonal fashion items for you, what's new and what's in each season. They molded to your feet, Fashare shoes will become your best friends . After putting your shoes to work, you will never wanted to take them off. You can wear them match with everything, we also provide the matching t-shirts, jeans, jackets, sweaters for you, suitable for many occasions, like party, casual, street, office work. Help you catch other people's eyes.

Style ----------1

  • Side Cutout Design, effortlessly slip these on and off. Make your life more easy.
  • A lifted ankle heel adds to your height, and make your legs looked skinner and longer.
  • Perfect to wear with dresses, skirts, or skinny jeans, leggings.

Cutout style fashion booties for this autumn and winter


Style ----------2

  • Size Chart
  • 37 EU-- 24.8cm (Foot Length) -- 6 US Women
  • 38 EU-- 25.5cm (Foot Length) -- 7 US Women
  • 39 EU -- 26.1cm (Foot Length) -- 8 US Women
  • 40 EU-- 26.8cm (Foot Length) -- 9 US Women
  • 41EU -- 27.5cm (Foot Length) -- 10 US Women
  • 42 EU -- 28.1cm (Foot Length) -- 11 US Women

STYLE -------- 3



Peep toe design, the block high heeled design, make your legs looked more skinner and longer, the best choice for this season. Suitable for womens, juniors, teen girls, good for street, school, party, shopping, date, or as casual daily wear.

Womens Fall Cutout Ankle Boots Block Chunky Stacked Heel Slip On

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