$0 Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Speaker, Radio Digital Music Electronics Portable Audio Video $0,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,/ampoule1095901.html,Bluetooth,Radio,Sondpex,Digital,Active,CSB-F65B,Music,www.lamarronclasista.org.ar,Speaker, $0,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,/ampoule1095901.html,Bluetooth,Radio,Sondpex,Digital,Active,CSB-F65B,Music,www.lamarronclasista.org.ar,Speaker, Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Las Vegas Mall Speaker Music Radio Digital Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Las Vegas Mall Speaker Music Radio Digital $0 Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Speaker, Radio Digital Music Electronics Portable Audio Video

Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth San Francisco Mall Las Vegas Mall Speaker Music Radio Digital

Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Speaker, Radio Digital Music


Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Speaker, Radio Digital Music

Product description

6.5” woofer with paper cone foam edge, Super 3" tweeter. Built-in amplifier with 200W Max output power. Bluetooth function allows playing music wirelessly. AUX-in port allows for a wired connection with other portable devices, such as MP3 player, iPod, iPhone and other cell phones. With SD/MicroSD card and USB Reader; can play MP3 music directly. Built-in FM Radio Receiver with auto scan and memory function. With RCA cable input and output terminal. Dual Power: 110v AC and 12v DC. USB port with 5V/2A power, it can charge any cell phones or tablets PC. All accessories and installation kit included. Remote Control and 12v power cable wiring Kit are also included. Comes with 6 months limited warranty.

Sondpex CSB-F65B Active Bluetooth Speaker, Radio Digital Music

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