$44 TJ Hood Latch Hood Lock Catch - JeCar Aluminum Hood Latches Catc Automotive Replacement Parts www.lamarronclasista.org.ar,JeCar,TJ,Hood,/ampoule1499001.html,Hood,$44,Latch,Catc,Hood,Lock,Aluminum,Latches,Catch,Automotive , Replacement Parts,- TJ Hood San Diego Mall Latch Lock Catch JeCar - Latches Aluminum Catc TJ Hood San Diego Mall Latch Lock Catch JeCar - Latches Aluminum Catc www.lamarronclasista.org.ar,JeCar,TJ,Hood,/ampoule1499001.html,Hood,$44,Latch,Catc,Hood,Lock,Aluminum,Latches,Catch,Automotive , Replacement Parts,- $44 TJ Hood Latch Hood Lock Catch - JeCar Aluminum Hood Latches Catc Automotive Replacement Parts

TJ Hood San Diego Mall Latch Max 81% OFF Lock Catch JeCar - Latches Aluminum Catc

TJ Hood Latch Hood Lock Catch - JeCar Aluminum Hood Latches Catc


TJ Hood Latch Hood Lock Catch - JeCar Aluminum Hood Latches Catc

Product description

For 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ.
Please verify the appearance/shape/size exactly fit your vehicle before purchasing.

Especially designed for Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006.
Stylish. Durable. Anticorrosion.
Upgrade the original hood catches.
Eliminates hood flutter and shake when the vehicle is at speed.
Adding value and enhance the appearance of your vehicle.
Also protect the car paint. Improve surface quality. Never fade.
Direct replacement. No drilling required.

Condition: 100% brand new
Item Name: Hood Catch lock Kit
Material: Stainless Steel amp; Aluminum Alloy.
Package: 1 Pair Hood Catch lock Kit

1. All the screws must be tightened again when the installation is finished.
2. And do regular inspection to prevent the loosening of the screws after long term use.

TJ Hood Latch Hood Lock Catch - JeCar Aluminum Hood Latches Catc

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