Max 58% OFF Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 1-inch 27-inch co 500-feet x $125 Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 27-inch x 500-feet x 1-inch co Office Products Office Electronics $125,,co,Adlam,1-inch,500-feet,/ampoule1499601.html,x,x,Laminating,Hot,Office Products , Office Electronics,Doculam,Film,27-inch $125,,co,Adlam,1-inch,500-feet,/ampoule1499601.html,x,x,Laminating,Hot,Office Products , Office Electronics,Doculam,Film,27-inch $125 Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 27-inch x 500-feet x 1-inch co Office Products Office Electronics Max 58% OFF Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 1-inch 27-inch co 500-feet x

Max 58% OFF Adlam Doculam sold out Hot Laminating Film 1-inch 27-inch co 500-feet x

Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 27-inch x 500-feet x 1-inch co


Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 27-inch x 500-feet x 1-inch co

Product description

Size:4 Rolls

Adlam's American Made Doculam hot laminating roll film on 1" core 27" x 500' x 1.5 mil with glossy finish represents quality lamination rolls for thermal laminators. Overall diameter is approximately 3.6" inches and fits most roll laminating machines on the market using 1" diameter feed roll mandrels. Doculam is polyester based with high-melt adhesive design typically used for two-side laminating and has a standard polyethylene adhesive layer typically wound toward the inside of the roll. Polyester PET plastic films resist penetration by chemicals, greases, and oils and are the most commonly used laminate for hot roll laminators, especially when encapsulating paper sheets. Doculam is proudly made in the USA by Adlam Films, formerly Bryce Corporation, and is likely the most widely used American Made product designed for laminating plain paper with low ink coverage. Doculam is commonly referred to as a very clear school film.
TIP: The actual temperature required for ANY laminating film varies by laminator type (heated roller vs heat shoe), laminating speed, ambient temperature, type of paper and even the color(s) of the print being laminated.

  • High-melt adhesive design for two-sided laminating
  • Standard polyethylene adhesive layer
  • Economically priced and best for basic lamination
  • Best for laminating plain paper with low ink coverage
  • Retains properties and flexibility from -50 degrees F to 350+ degrees F
  • Resists penetration by chemicals, greases, and oils

  • Common Applications
  • Menus
  • Posters
  • Index Cards
  • Advertising Promotions
  • Tab Sheets
  • Signs amp; Notices
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Adlam Doculam Hot Laminating Film 27-inch x 500-feet x 1-inch co

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