$62 Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels,110lb Foldable Adju Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Super sale period limited Light Adju Up 110lb Foldable Wheels $62 Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels,110lb Foldable Adju Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Super sale period limited Light Adju Up 110lb Foldable Wheels Wheels,110lb,Adju,www.lamarronclasista.org.ar,Light,Up,/apologize1499333.html,Foldable,LED,Scooter,Moroly,Kids,$62,with,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation Wheels,110lb,Adju,www.lamarronclasista.org.ar,Light,Up,/apologize1499333.html,Foldable,LED,Scooter,Moroly,Kids,$62,with,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation

Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Super sale Fees free!! period limited Light Adju Up 110lb Foldable Wheels

Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels,110lb Foldable Adju


Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels,110lb Foldable Adju

Product description

Join the smart parent club - give your kid a great way to get outside exercising, training balance and coordination and have fun.
Give your kid a great start. it helps them to develops their brain. Let them exercise balance, coordination, agility, strength and resilience and control direction with their hands.
From about 3 years old upwards, scooters are a super portable and versatile mode of transportation around the neighborhood.
Unique Front Wheel Steering Device and adjustable height handle bars, which accommodates your kid's unique skill level. As they explore, a rear brake and extra-wide deck offers reliable safety.
The new-released Moroly kids’ scooter is a preference for you! With 5lb lighter materials, 110lb greater weight capacity, ABEC-7 High Performance Bearings, it would be the best gift for your boys and girls.

Color: Pink, White, Black
Age: 3-10 years old
Brake System: Rear Fender Brake
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Folding Type: 3 seconds Easy-Folding System
Handle Grips: Soft Sponge
Adjustable Height Range: 70cm-75cm-80cm/27.6"-29.5"-31.5"
Scooter Weight: 5lb/2.35 kg
Weight Capacity: 110lb/50kg
Kickboard Length: 34.5cm/13.6”
Kickboard width: 9.5cm/3.7”
Scooter Wheels:
4.7”(120mm) LED Light up Wheels,
Total 3 Lights in each wheel,
ABEC-7 High Performance Bearings.

Note: Manual measurement,the relative error is 2.

1× Kick Scooter
1× English amp; German Instruction Manual
1× Tool Kits

Moroly Kids Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels,110lb Foldable Adju

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