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Young Dick Stitch Los Angeles Stitch Baseball Jersey Dicky


Young Dick Stitch Los Angeles Stitch Baseball Jersey Dicky

Product description

Stitch New chart TRUE SIZE #tops no plus/ no minus SIZE CHART CHEST XS 30"-32" Chest Measurement (76-81 cm) length 26 " S 34"-36" Chest Measurement (86-91 cm) length 27 " M 38"-40" Chest Measurement (97-102 cm) length 28 " L 42"-44" Chest Measurement (107-112 cm) length 30 " XL 46"-48" Chest Measurement (117-122 cm) length 33 " 2XL 50"-52" Chest Measurement (122-127 cm) length 35 " 3XL 54"-56" Chest Measurement (127-132 cm) length 37 " 4XL 58"-60" Chest Measurement (147- 152 cm) length 39 " 5XL 62"-64" Chest Measurement (157-162 cm) length 40 "

Young Dick Stitch Los Angeles Stitch Baseball Jersey Dicky

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