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Popular standard Averill's Sharper Uniforms Women's Housekeeping Ladies Fort Worth Mall Ultimate

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Women's Ladies Ultimate Housekeeping


Averill's Sharper Uniforms Women's Ladies Ultimate Housekeeping

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Women's Ladies Ultimate Housekeeping

UK: 0191 410 4292

Exports: +44 (0) 117 935 9421


Welcome to Thorne & Derrick International

Thorne & Derrick service UK and international businesses working on underground cables, overhead lines, substations and electrical construction at LV MV HV & EHV – we distribute the most extensive range of Cable Installation & Electrical Distribution Equipment to the Power Transmission & Distribution industry in the onshore and offshore wind, solar, rail, oil/gas, data centre, battery storage and utility sectors.

We are suppliers and distributors for 3M Electrical, ABB, Alroc, AN Wallis, CATU, Cembre, Centriforce, CMP, CSD, Elastimold, Ellis Patents, Emtelle, Euromold, Filoform , Furse, Wenli Rhinestones Halter Beaded Tiered Girls Glitz Pageant Dress, Lucy Electric & Zodion, Nexans, Pfisterer, Polypipe, Prysmian, Ripley, Roxtec, Sicame, WT Henley.

Learn more about T&D, The MV HV Electrical Distributors.

LV Cable Joints & Installation Equipment MV HV Cable Joints & Terminations – Cold Shrink & Heat Shrink
MV HV Power Products, Surge Arresters & Bushings  Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Substation Connectors
WAFJAMF Plant Stands Indoor and Outdoor,Metal Flower Pot Holder  Cable Glands
Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment Underground Cable Protection
Cable Duct Duct Seals 
Engraving Precision Tip Tool for Maker,New Standard Fuses MV HV 
Electrical Safety Equipment Arc Flash Protection & Clothing
Cable Cutting & Cable Crimping Tools Cables LV MV HV
Cold Shrink Tubes Cable Transits
Feeder Pillars Cable Jointers Tools
Aslion Automatic Sprouter Machine Bean Sprouts Growing Machine L Cable Trough
Heat Tracing & Trace Heating Cables Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

provide an outstanding service to UK and international customers – we are highly customer responsive and absolutely committed to providing a world-class service.


Multi-million pound stock holding provides complete global supply solutions


Technical support from expert, proactive and friendly team


Stock turnaround with express logistics to all international destinations


Free and fast expert technical support and advice about LV MV HV product ranges


Pfisterer CONNEX Connectors (MV-HV Inner Cone Plugs & Cable Terminations)

Nexans Euromold Connectors (MV-HV 11kV 33kV 66kV)

Nexans Cold Shrink Cable Joints (MV-HV 11kV 33kV)

HV Cable Terminations – Heat Shrink Terminations 11kV 33kV High Voltage Cables

HV Cable Joints – Heat Shrink Joints 11kV 33kV High Voltage Cables

3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations (MV-HV 11kV 33kV 66kV)

3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints (MV-HV 11kV 33kV 66kV)


Published 23 Sep 2021

Arc Flash Resistant Vs Flame-Resistant Clothing For many decades, flame-resistant clothing has helped to reduce the risk of severe burn injuries to workers. These types of garments are either made from treated cotton or, more often nowadays, self-extinguishing materials...

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Published 23 Sep 2021

Cable Pulling & Installation Stephen Harrison – Training & Technical Manager at Current Training Service Pty Ltd Pulling cables is an art, with bending radii, side wall pressures to consider whilst pulling the cables and loadings of cables, the...

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