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Dream Women's Motorcycle Extra Long Raleigh Brand Cheap Sale Venue Mall Zipper 2 Gun Vest Leather w

Dream Women's Motorcycle Extra Long Zipper Leather Vest w/2 Gun


Dream Women's Motorcycle Extra Long Zipper Leather Vest w/2 Gun

Product description

This jacket is $35.00 off for a limited time so order soon.
Women's Black Leather Motorcycle VestLadies Extra Long Zipper Front Vest w/ Collar

  • 1-1.2mm Premium Leather
  • Snap Down Shortened Shirt Collar
  • Four Lower amp;amp One Chest Pocket
  • Single Panel Upper Back for Patches
  • Dual Inside Concealed Weapon Gun Pockets
  • Two Lower Back Zippers for Comfortable Ride
    Women's Jacket amp;amp VestPlease refer to this chart to ensure you have ordered the correct size. All measurements are in inches.
      SizeXSSMLXL2XL3XL4XL5XLChest343638404244464850Waist293031333537384045DISCLAIMER:1-Your 100% satisfaction from our account is our top priority and mission. We leave a positive feedback as soon as the transaction is completed and request you to leave a positive feedback for us. We are working hard to get 5 star rating and requesting you to help us.2-We welcome any questions you have about your desired product. We promise to reply all questions within 24 hours.3- If you are not completely satisfied with the product or facing any sizing problem we will be more than happy to exchange or refund your purchase. Please contact us before starting your return through as it affects our rating.a) In case of return your money will be refunded after we received the product by deducting shipping cost.b) If you want to exchange the size, shipping charges will be paid by you.4- We assure to resolve any issue you face on your purchase from us. Please don’t leave a negative feedback before contacting us.On Jul-08-17 at 04:55:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

      Exported By ExportYourStore

Dream Women's Motorcycle Extra Long Zipper Leather Vest w/2 Gun

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