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17x11 Hardboard Max 80% Clearance SALE! Limited time! OFF Clipboard with 6

17x11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6" Jumbo Board Clip (Twо Расk


17x11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6" Jumbo Board Clip (Twо Расk

Product description

Size:Twо Расk

Secure your 11" x 17" documents or drawings on our hardboard clipboard from 11x17. The 6" jumbo clip is riveted to the long (17") side to hold and display your paperwork. The 1/8" thick hardboard is made using recycled materials and then poly-coated to resist damage. It's extra-long to accommodate a more comfortable writing position for your hand. A hanging hole is pre-cut on the metal clip. Shop the experts in specialty office solutions since 1994.

17x11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6" Jumbo Board Clip (Twо Расk

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