CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer New York Mall Pump 6.5 psi 3.1 3000 HP GPM CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer New York Mall Pump 6.5 psi 3.1 3000 HP GPM,High,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Power Tools,Power,CANPUMP,/fascinatingly1118610.html,GPM,$139,3.1,Pump,Washer,3000,6.5,psi,HP,Pressure,High,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Power Tools,Power,CANPUMP,/fascinatingly1118610.html,GPM,$139,3.1,Pump,Washer,3000,6.5,psi,HP,Pressure $139 CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer Pump 3.1 GPM 3000 psi 6.5 HP Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Tools $139 CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer Pump 3.1 GPM 3000 psi 6.5 HP Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Tools

CANPUMP High Pressure Power High quality Washer New York Mall Pump 6.5 psi 3.1 3000 HP GPM

CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer Pump 3.1 GPM 3000 psi 6.5 HP


CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer Pump 3.1 GPM 3000 psi 6.5 HP

Product Description

Canpump Direct Drive 1-1/8" Hallow Shaft Electric Power Washer Pump Canpump Axial Pressure Washer 2700psi 6.5HP Canpump Electric Pressure Washer 110V 2.0HP Canpump Power Washer Replacement Pump Solid Shaft 24mm
Canpump Direct Drive 1-1/8" Hallow Shaft Electric Power Washer Pump Canpump Axial High Pressure Washer Pump 2700psi 6.5 HP Canpump Electric Pressure Washer Unit 110V Commercial 1500PSI 2.0 GPM Canpump Pressure Power Washer Replacement Pump Shaft 24mm Belt Driven 2400psi
PSI 2000 2800 1500 2400
Horsepower 5.0 6.5 2.0 6.5
GPM 3.5 3.0 2.0 3.4
RPM 1750 3400 3495 1750

CANPUMP High Pressure Power Washer Pump 3.1 GPM 3000 psi 6.5 HP

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