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Hardcore Training Holmgang Men's Rash Guard Compression Long Sle


Hardcore Training Holmgang Men's Rash Guard Compression Long Sle

Product description

Why this Rashguard has made for you?
Training for real contact sports is extremely tough and you need all the the help you can get.
Hardcore Training Rashguard is comfortable, allowing you to move freely and exercise any fighting move and pose.
Hardcore Training Rashguard has its own unusual design, so you will looking extraordinary at our Rashguard.
Hardcore Training prints always have some special meaning.
„Viking” design has been chosen because Viking always represents real mens power!

PREMIUM FABRIC: In order to allow you the freedom to exercise any special training, from MMA specialized moves to martial arts, we have used a Premium „sliding” fabric that offers you full flexibility and comfort, while being resistant and durable even in the though gym condition.

Fabric: 88% polyester 12% spandex light weight and durability.
Sublimated print, for better durability.
Care: machine wash cold, no bleach.

Hardcore Training rashguards are perfect for different martial art such MMA, grappling, Thai boxing, CrossFit and sport training.
If you are passionate about sports that emphasize or require physical contact between players, you know how it is important to have the right training equipment that allows you to move properly and work muscles at the best.
That is why we have created a special training rashguard that will amaze you through its design and quality.

ORDER NOW and upgrade your daily training with the premium rashguard!

Hardcore Training Holmgang Men's Rash Guard Compression Long Sle

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