Automotiveapple,96624510,Arm,Wiper,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rear,,Chevy,$16,Captiva,for,/fragileness1118293.html $16 Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Arm for Chevy Captiva Automotive Replacement Parts Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Chevy for Arm Time sale Captiva $16 Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Arm for Chevy Captiva Automotive Replacement Parts Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Chevy for Arm Time sale Captiva Automotiveapple,96624510,Arm,Wiper,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rear,,Chevy,$16,Captiva,for,/fragileness1118293.html

Automotiveapple Tucson Mall 96624510 Rear Wiper Chevy for Arm Time sale Captiva

Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Arm for Chevy Captiva


Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Arm for Chevy Captiva

Product description

- USA(United states of America) Buyer shipping is USPS shipping service.

Vehicles with rear windows open do not fit!!

Perfect same as photo.
OEM item.
Easy Installation
Fix or Change yourself
Made By GM Motors
Well-made Quality
Best OEM Quality and perfect fit
This item is sure to improve the look of your exterior

Automotiveapple 96624510 Rear Wiper Arm for Chevy Captiva

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