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Clearance SALE! Limited time! Kesoto Max 42% OFF 4 Pack Open Front Jumping Fetlock Boots Tendon and Horse

Kesoto 4 Pack Open Front Jumping Horse Boots, Fetlock and Tendon


Kesoto 4 Pack Open Front Jumping Horse Boots, Fetlock and Tendon

Product description


- Outer is wrapped by PU designed for impact reduction from outer sources
- High elasticity and shock reduction to your horse legs.
- Front, Hind leg boots, providing a full range of protection and comfortable sensation.
- Adjustable size strap for comfortable fit to horse leg
- Suitable for equestrian performance competition and training, convenient to use.


- Material: PU
- Front Leg Size: approx. 250*115mm / 9.84*4.53 inch
- Hind Leg Size: approx. 158*128mm / 6.22*5.03 inch

Package Includes:

1 Pair of Front Horse Leg Boots

1 Pair of Hind Horse Leg Boots


Please allow slight size deviation and color difference.

Kesoto 4 Pack Open Front Jumping Horse Boots, Fetlock and Tendon


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